Welcome to the Chemistry Pathway

Welcome to the Chemistry Pathway at the University of Galway. Chemistry is a foundational discipline of science and technology. It underpins many areas of modern life, from new materials and energy production to drug discovery, having applications in medical devices, nanotechnology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, sustainability, and medicine. Our faculty is dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research in many areas of chemistry, including the design of bioactive molecules and materials for drug delivery and biomedical applications, fuels and energy production, biodiscovery of natural products, molecular recognition, protein interactions, and the development of novel anticancer therapies. Our goal is to create an exceptional learning environment by providing research-led teaching that gives our students the latest and most advanced knowledge, opening up exciting career opportunities.

The BSc in Chemistry programme is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, while all of our Chemistry programmes, ranging from bachelor to PhD level, are internationally recognised for their quality. Our graduates pursue a wide variety of stimulating employment opportunities in areas such as the chemical and (bio)pharmaceutical industries, forensics, local and central government, environmental services, and education.

We invite you to learn more about the Chemistry Section, its staff, and programmes by exploring this website. We are always happy to hear from prospective students, academic and industry collaborators, and partners.