What our students have to say

I’m in tears!! Thank you so so much for this! You have no idea what this means to me. I know we only talked briefly, but you seem to have such a kind spirit and you really listened and understood what I’ve been going through. Our conversation really made me feel heard and seen. Again, I can not thank you enough for advocating on my behalf. Best,  AP, August 2020

Thank you so much! This was a huge help to me and I shall be forever grateful for this.  TS


Thank you so much for your assistance during this time. This payment is going to help me tremendously. Please send my thanks to all in the support service as well.  NA

Thanks a million for giving your precious time and listening to my problems. I am grateful to you for providing such kind of help in this crisis   Thank you for being so kind and helpful.  SB

Thank you very kindly. The staff and the committee have been so helpful. Thank you again, and keep safe, healthy and happy. JM

I am just beyond grateful for your help. You have no idea how much this has helped us.We are so thankful.  MMJ

Thanks for the support received from The university this will surely solve the hardship faced.  GM