What are the Financial Aid Funds

The Funds, partly supported by the Student Assistance Fund with additional funding provided by NUI Galway, are intended to tackle disadvantage by providing financial support to enable students fully benefit from their third level studies. Financial problems can arise for several reasons and NUI Galway endeavours to offer opportunities for students to apply for financial assistance and support in a number of ways. The FAF provides a further source of funding for higher education students in addition to the (SUSI) Student Grant.

Check out our General FAQ's page here to learn more.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any University of Galway student who is currently registered on a full-time or part-time programme of one year’s duration or more that leads to an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification and each fund has specific eligibility criteria.

When will the funds open for the academic year 2023/24?

The ‌Means Tested Fund and the Emergency Hardship Funds are open. Please apply below.

The HEAR|Access Fund has closed.

Please note students can only apply to any of the funds once in the academic year. Second applications cannot be considered.

Four Options to Consider:

The Financial Aid Fund is divided into four funds as follows:

Who is not eligible to apply?

  • Incoming ERASMUS students
  • Students who have completed a Degree/Masters/PhD and are undertaking a second qualification at the same level. However, in extreme circumstances students from Graduate Entry programmes, will be considered.
  • PhD students who are over 4 years with University of Galway.  
  • Students owing the student levy may apply but will not be eligible to receive an allocation while the levy is unpaid.
  • Students living outside of Ireland (in the case of the International Financial Aid Fund).

What costs are eligible under the fund guidelines?

The Financial Aid Fund is available to assist students who are unable to meet costs associated with day-to-day participation in higher education throughout the duration of the academic year:

  • technology costs,
  • books and other class materials
  • rent, heating, lighting bills and other utility bills e.g. data plans
  • food
  • essential travel
  • childcare costs
  • medical costs
  • family difficulties e.g. bereavement
  • other expenses that are required to enable students to continue and participate in teaching and learning and/or complete examinations

What costs are ineligible under the Fund?

Funding is not available to assist students with the costs of tuition fees, registration fees, student loans or any costs that are borne by the Higher Education Institute. 

What happens after you apply?

When you save or submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email to your NUI Galway email account.
Your application is reviewed by NUI Galway Professional Services staff to validate your eligibility. In a small number of instances, where consent is given and your application is deemed suitable, staff may advocate on your behalf for additional funding from external agencies.

The value of each allocation from the Hardship/Emergency funds is established by a sub-committee of the Financial Aid Funds Steering Group. If deemed eligible for funding, based on criteria decided upon by the Steering Group, the money will be deposited in the bank account you specify and you will receive an email confirming this from a Financial Aid Funds administrator.

Applicants who are ineligible will also receive an advisory email.


If you wish to appeal, you may do so through the following link: https://supportconnect.universityofgalway.ie/unauth.

For appeals made in semester one, you can expect to hear the outcome of your appeal in January when the appeals board meets. If you make an appeal in semester two, you can expect to hear the outcome of it at the end of the semester. 

We protect your data

Under GDPR your personal data collected as part of the application process may be processed for the purposes of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the operation of the Fund and to comply with European Union requirements. This personal data may include personally sensitive data where you choose to share that data and your data may be shared with third parties for monitoring and reporting on co-financed activities.

Financial Aid Fund Terms and Conditions

The University reserves the right to vary, alter, amend, revoke or recover any aspect or payment made under this scheme at its discretion.

All eligible applicants must inform SUSI and / or any other relevant third parties of any financial assistance that they receive towards the cost of their maintenance as a student or towards their college fees.