Withdrawing from NUI Galway

Circumstances occasionally arise that can cause a student to consider leaving NUI Galway before having completed their course of study.

 1         You must contact your  ‌ for advice on your options including Leave of Absence

2           Read the NUI Galway Withdrawal Policy

3           Check deadlines

4         Be aware of support services available to you

  • Final deadline for receipt of applications to withdraw is 1st March in the Academic year in which you are registered.
  • Fees Deadlines : Students remain liable for fees up until the date on which they formally submit a withdrawal form online.

Fees Dates for 2021-2022

Date by which Online Withdrawal Form is submitted           Impact

  • Up to and including Monday 31/10/2021                                     Leave with no fee impact
  • Between 01/11/2021 and 28/02/2022                                          Forfeit 50% tuition, 50% student contribution charge and 100% student levy                                                                                                                             
  • If a Student withdraws from their course on or after the 1st of March 2022 the Student is liable for the full Academic year Fees.

  • International students should contact the International office to check out possible visa implications of withdrawing from their course of study

 If you decide to withdraw

The online Course withdrawal form is now closed for academic year 2021-2022.

  1.  Postgraduate Research Students complete  course_withdrawal_form_research_students
  2. Complete the Course Withdrawal Survey
  3. Inform your funding agency / sponsor that you are withdrawing
  4. Return items on loan from the Library and pay any outstanding Library fines
  5. Return your Student ID card to the Student Registry Helpdesk by post or in person.
  6. Return your Parking permit to the Parking Office by post or in person.

What happens next?:

Once you have submitted the completed withdrawal form online,

  • The de-registration procedure will begin immediately and relevant authorities within the University will be informed.
  • Once the process has been initiated, it will not be possible for the student to re-register until the next Academic year following application through the normal route.eg CAO
  • The date of withdrawal is the date on which the University receives the completed Course Withdrawal Form online
  • Where a student is withdrawn from a programme, their academic record for that year is void.  This means that credit cannot be attained for any modules undertaken in the year of study from which they have withdrawn, even if completed prior to formal withdrawal.