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Important Information - Exam Transcripts

Please do not email follow up emails once you have submitted a transcript request.
Multiple Urgent Transcript emails cause unncessary duplication and pressure on a Team that are dealing with a high volume of service requests.

Transcripts for Final Year Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students:

Please note the following:

Student Registry Helpdesk responsibilities
  • SRH will not be issuing the first issue of your transcript and will not reprint final year exam results until 25 days after the official release date.
  • For address change requests received after this deadline, there is no guarantee that they will be processed in time for the posting of transcripts.  Because of this, your transcripts may be posted to an old address.
  • If your address is incorrect at the time transcripts are posted, you will need to order your transcript at
  • and will incur a fee.
  • Student Registry Helpdesk provides a transcript reprint service for which a fee is charged.



Exams Office responsibilities
  • The first issue of your transcript is provided by the Examinations Office, which is posted to your home address at the time of online results release.
  • Official Exam results release dates are available


Registered Student(s) responsibilities

It is the Students responsibility to ensure that your home postal address is correct.  Please check your address on your Cass Account



There is a 10 working-day processing period for standard transcripts & a five-week processing period for archive transcripts  (pre-1986).

Under the Data Protection Act, Transcript Request forms must be signed by the student or graduate whose results are being requested.  

Under the Data Protection Act, we cannot discuss the student's or graduate’s results with anyone other than the student or graduate themselves.

Please use the Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox Browsers via desktop or laptop.
The form does not work within Internet Explorer.

CLICK Here to submit request  →    Exam Transcript Request Form 

Transcript Fees

1 year results €4          (1 copy)

2 years results €8       (1 copy)

Complete set of results €10   (1 copy)


  • If there is an outstanding University Fees issue, we are not authorized to release results until Fees are fully paid.
  • Transcripts are posted by normal postal service.
  • We do not send transcripts via courier, express or registered post.
  • If you require specialised postal services for delivery of transcripts, you will be charged extra for postage. 
  • Card payment is not automated – it is processed manually once transcripts are processed and issued.
  • We do not translate Irish language exam transcripts to English.  You will need to contact a professional accredited translation service.
  • Please do not submit a duplicate Transcript Request, as you will be charged twice.

Chartered Accountant of Ireland Transcript requests

If a student or graduate wishes to have their transcripts sent to the Chartered Accountants of Ireland, they must complete the section embedded in the online transcript request form that is specific to Chartered Accountants of Ireland applicants.

CLICK Here to submit request  →    Exam Transcript Request Form 


HEANET File Sender - Encrypted Delivery option

If a student or graduate wishes to have their transcripts sent to an external company, verification agency, University, etc., in a secure and encrypted way, you need to the following within the online transcript request form:

  1. Select the option on delivery option  File Sender.
  2. Insert the Company / Institute contact email address in the ‘Special Requirements’ field.
  3. If applicable please provide the Company / Institute  Applicant number in the 'Special Requirements' field

Teaching Council Applicants

The Teaching Council may request you to submit a breakdown of subjects, module descriptors or a course syllabus.  While our service can provide transcripts, we cannot provide module descriptors or a course syllabus.  

Please email your relevant College Office i.e. Arts, Science etc., to request course syllabus or module descriptors. Visit the Teaching Council website if you require clarification on their requirements.  

WES Canada & USA Applicants

Our service can now send your WES form and transcripts via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) directly from NUI Galway to WES Canada & USA servers. This is an improvement to our service as we no longer have to post hard copies to WES Canada & USA respective services.

Please note that you can upload the WES form, including application number, to the Online Transcript Request system for processing by Student Registry Helpdesk Team . 

Erasmus / Visiting Students 

Transcripts of results for visiting students will be issued to the home university approximately six weeks after the examinations end by the International Office

Transcripts will be mailed to the Study Abroad Institution in respect of Occasional Arts Students and to the Home Institution in respect of Erasmus Students.     

International Summer School Transcripts

To request exam transcripts from NUI Galway International Summer School, please click the following link International Summer School 

For further support on Summer School transcripts, please contact 

Parchment Duplicate & Translation 

Degree Parchment translation from Latin to English is a service offered only by NUI headquarters in Dublin. Please contact or the postal address below. 

Degree Parchments duplicates are only available from NUI headquarters in Dublin. Please contact or the postal address below.   

49 Merrion Square,  
Dublin 2.  

Tel : 01-4392424