Lost & Found Service

  •  We no longer operate a drop in to check for lost and found. We can only receive small lost items i.e. Student ID cards etc
  •  If an item is found on campus a Staff or Student can post the item to our services via internal mail Student Registry Helpdesk , Arus Ui Chathail NUI Galway
  •  If your item was received by us and their is an identity card within the lost item we will contact you.
  • If your property is found and our service contact you to inform you about the find, than it is the owner(s) responsibility to confirm a correct postal address to which we can post the found item(s) to.
  • If the found property remains uncollected by the owner after 1 month  than it will be disposed of or donated to Charity.
  • We no longer accept lost or found  Clothes, Big bags, water bottles etc 

Retention Periods for all Lost Items that are not claimed:


Retention Time




Jack & Jill, ISPCA, Enable Ireland


1 month

Passports – post to Passport Office

Student ID – If they are successfully found and posted to Student Registry Helpdesk


1 month


 Helpful Tips on Personal Responsibility

1.    Never leave your personal property unattended. It’s worth remembering if you don’t want to be out of pocket to replace expensive items

2.    If you have parked your Car on Campus remember to keep your Keys on you at all time as they are an expensive item to replace

3.    IF you lose your Student ID Card, the replacement Fee is €20 and once reprinted it activates after 6 hours on all systems i.e. room access, printing, Library Turnstiles etc.

4.    Please remember to write your Student ID on your College Textbooks to ensure successful return in the case of loss.