University of Galway is taking a circular waste management approach to its organic waste, by sending it to Barna Recycling for composting, with part of the resulting compost then returned to campus for use as a fertilizer. 

project undertaken by Aurora Leytom, as part of her MSc in Environmental Leadership aims to evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy and determine if the approach presents the best option for the university. Findings show that the university’s strategy has a lower global warming potential than sending waste to landfill, meaning the process contributes less to climate change. A promotional video has been developed as part of the project to share learnings and highlight the benefits of the circular economy among the wider community.  

This project is a collaboration between Auroa Leyton, MSc student in Environmental Leadership,  Dr Gesche Kindermann, MSc Course Director and key members of the Buildings & Estates team. 

This project showcases University of Galway’s Learn Live Lead approach to sustainability.

Circular Waste Project Infographic