Below are links to everything you may wish to  have on your computer to get the most out of your t4 training.

Foreground Images

The following images can be downloaded to your computer so that you can practice resizing  and then uploading them to the media library.
Just click on an image name, below.  When the image appears on your screen, right-click it and select 'Save image as ...' to save it to your own computer.

  • cartoon-man-200x300.jpg is already web-optimised.  This 9KB image is ready for immediate upload.
  • trees-800x500.jpg  is too big, so it must be resized  before uploading to the media library.  This image has been web optimised already so, even though it's too big for a webpage, its filesize is quite small (103K) so it's perfect to practice on if you have a slow-ish broadband connection.
  • waterfall-2000x3000.jpg is WAY too big (bigger than most monitors if you view it full-sized).  And it's also a hi-res image so its filesize is 901KB.  If you optimise this for the web you'll see a big difference in filesize.  But only practice with this one if you have fast internet (otherwise downloading it from here and uploading to pixlr will take a while).


If you have no document to practice uploading with, feel free to download this test doc: cartoon-man.docx