Warning: You should get familiar / comfortable with everything else in the training section before you explore this section.  There's nothing difficult here but when you mix a lot of straightforward things together, it gets complicated quite quickly.  

Why Have an Interactive Demo?

Some things are a little hard to imagine when they are explained - especially if you can use many different combinations of options.  When this happens, it's best to allow you to apply those options right away - to give you a better feel for what they do.
Interactive demos also make it easy for you to quickly re-make something you did (or saw) before but can't quite remember how it was done, or what exact keyword you used, last time.

We usually try to simplify things that are this complicated but sometimes it's hard to imagine how something will look.  Or else you need to see everything working together so you can fully appreciate the power of the individual features, working together.

Page Customisations

Sometimes you want an extra-special home page or landing page.  It's not good to go overboard with this - a customised home page is fine, some sites might get away with a customised landing page too (at a push) but after that. major customisations, that change the feel of a webpage. should be kept to a minimum. 

However, there are little customisations that you may wish to use, such as page taglines or sidebars. 
This tool lets you see what's possible and also lets you know how to replicate that perfect look when you find it: Page Customisations Interactive Demo.

Landing pages have a number of built-in background images but it's also possible to use others - we have 18 extra ones waiting to be used in the media library. Or you can upload your own image.  You can get the complete information here: Landing Page Interactive Demo.