Welcome to t4

t4 has upgraded to a new version. For information on the changes to the t4 interface please watch the video on our News Page

Our on-demand t4 training course was written for the previous version, which is quite different from the current one - please bear with us while we create a new version of the training course.  It will appear here once launched.
When it does become available, all CMS users will be expected to undertake the new course, to fill any gaps in their understanding of the system.

In the meantime, new users to t4 should be aware of the following:

Where can I get information on how to use t4?

To learn more about using t4, please see the Basic Editing FAQs, once you have read the Introduction to Site Manager and Glossary.

Once I have learned the Basic Editing where can I get more information?

Further advice is available from our FAQs and our Content Type Examples sections.

Will there be a training course available for t4 v8?

Yes - we will have a new training course available in the coming weeks.

Can I get an CMS account without being trained (since the course is not available)?

Yes. The requirement to have completed t4 training first has been temporarily lifted, until such time as the new training is made available.
Once the new training course is launched, you will need to complete it as soon as possible, to fill any gaps in your knowledge.

Can I get support if I have not been trained?

For as long as the new training course is unavailable, you'll be able to request support without a digital badge.  However, we advise you to look at the FAQs first - the answer you are looking for is probably there.

As soon as the new course becomes available, you will need to complete that course to receive a digital badge (for the latest version of the CMS) and this digital badge will be required, when requesting support for t4.