Widescreen Landing Page

A fullwidth landing page is a landing page with no left navigation bar.

These are usualy landing pages at the top level of the university website or subsite homepages.   They have the distintive landing page background image for the header, and hidden left-nav and centred content of a full-width page.

They can be very visually arresting because you can avail of widescreen-only content types, such as widescreen hero images, widescreen expanding image panels, and widescreen promo images 3 columns.

The section's 'DC.Keyword' Metatag must begin with 'fullWidth landingPage'

If there are sub-sections, you need to include a 'Widescreen Navigation' content type, to replace the suppressed leftnav with some links to the child sections.  See what this looks like by previewing the training examples page.