How to add this to your site

This content type works best on Home or Landng pages.

To get it working:

  • Insert a 'Slider Container' content type in your home page and give it a name.
  • Create a sub-section called 'Slider'
  • In this sub-section, add as many content items of type 'Slider - slides' as you like.  Spedify an image and either a section link or an external link url.  You can leave the map-related fields blank.

 NB: The slider displays images of Type: 'Image Path (CSS)' only.  If you choose an image of type 'Image', it will not display.

Ideally, images should be 734 x 268px because smaller images will stretch to fit the slider dimensions and will pixelate as a result.  The old NUI Galway clock tower logo (slide 1) is an example of this.

You can't overlay text on the images.