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Strength grading of timber in Ireland in 2021 (and addendum 2023)
This paper summarises the state of the art for strength grading of construction timber grown in Ireland. It includes the latest approvals based on recent research on spruce, larch and Douglas-fir. It lists the following information along with the primary references: visual grading grades and strength class assignments; grading machines with approved settings for machine control grading; the species, size ranges and strength class combinations covered. Addendum with newly approved combination of larch and Douglas-fir, and a new settings set for spruce.

Wood Handbook - Wood as an Engineering Material
This book summarizes information on wood as an engineering material. Presents properties of wood and wood-based products of particular concern to the architect and engineer. Includes discussion of designing with wood and wood-based products along with some pertinent uses.

Timber Development UK - Bookshop
Access a large library on timber as a construction material, design, Engineered Wood Products (EWP) and more.

Irish Green Building Council - IGBC
This website contains webinars, reading materials and a Learning Hub on the topic of sustainability in the built environment that includes a Carbon Designer tool to estimate the carbon impact of a project at an early stage of building design. The website also includes an EPD database.

How to calculate embodied carbon
A set of embodied carbon calculation principles for the structural engineering community to follow. Published by The Institution of Structural Engineers.

Modern Methods of Construction. A forward-thinking solution to the housing crisis?
Published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), September 2018

Structural Timber Educational Program - STEP Series Lectures ( 
This site contains the documents published by Centrum Hout in 1995 under the Structural Timber Education Program [STEP]. The original series provides and introduction to design of timber in accordance Eurocode 5 with many examples provided. Note: there have been a series of amendments to Eurocode 5 since the original publication date and careful consultation to the current version of Eurocode 5 is recommended.

The CLT Handbook
The CLT handbook - CLT structures - facts and planning is produced by Swedish Wood is a catalogue of approved wood and wood-based materials, building materials and assemblies for modern timber wood construction.  Characteristic value are presented for a number of products and assemblies and all products are approved by accredited testing institutes

Office Building Design Manual
Produced by Stora Enso, the 88-page manual shows the possibilities of constructing office buildings from wood

Rethinking Timber Buildings
This downloadable report produced by Arup considers the trends and technologies that have contributed to the resurgence in the most ancient of building materials.

LVL Handbook Europe
This handbook, prepared by the Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries, serves as a guide for architects, structural engineers, technical wholesalers, off-site manufacturers, contractors, carpenters and other construction professionals.

Wood in Construction in the UK: An Analysis of Carbon Abatement Potential
This downloadable report led by the BioComposites Centre at Bangor University presents the greenhouse gas abatement potential of increasing the use of timber in construction.

Properties, Testing and Design of Cross Laminated Timber
State-of-the-art report by COST Action FP1402/WG2
Editors: Brandner R., Tomasi R., Moosbrugger T., Serrano E., Dietsch P.

Timber Engineering: Principles for Design
Hans Joachim Blaß and Carmen Sandhaas, KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe

Wiehag-Glulam & CLT references focused on Ireland
Leading timber engineering presentation of timber projects constructed in Ireland.

Think Forests
Forest Industries Ireland (FII) report on the forest industry and timber supply strain during a period of major capital investment and substantial growth in wood supply.

ThinkWood - 100 UK CLT Projects
This downloadable book contains 100 of the most significant buildings constructed from CLT in the UK.
Authors: Andrew Waugh and Anthony Thistleton of Waugh Thistleton Architects.

Construction with Cross-laminated Timber in Multi-storey Buildings - Focus on Building Physics
Produced by Hasslacher, this document provides information related to the detailing of timber buildings with a focus on building physics.

Timber in Multi-storey Construction
This Coford report discusses the emergence of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as a modern construction material
Authors: Annette M. Harte, Bill Robinson, Andrew Macilwraith and Malcolm Jacob.

Coford Projects Reports
Keep up to date with final or interim reports of COFORD-funded research projects.

ThinkWood Research Library
The Think Wood research library is a central resource for research on designing and building with wood and includes reports, publications, and conference proceedings from around the world.

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This is a living database that is updated frequently to keep up to date with a fast-growing and innovative industry. If you have any suggested products, manufacturers or topics that should be included in this database, please inform us via the link below 
Timber Resource Centre: Suggestions