Currently the Access Centre delivers a specifically designed suite of programmes for Secondary Schools throughout Galway City and County. Such programmes are designed in consultation with teachers from participating schools and are structured to introduce students positively and productively to the University and life on campus.

The core objective of these programmes are to expose the students to a warm, welcoming and empowering experience, which will enable them to engage openly with both University staff and campus life. Such exposure creates an opportunity to support the work carried out in Secondary level Schools and further empowers the Students to pursue their academic pathways in University of Galway.

The two programmes offered through the Access Centre are a Senior Cycle Programme & a Junior Cycle Provision.

The Senior Cycle Programme offers A Senior Cycle Study Skills Seminar on Campus alongside an experiential day. This day is structured in two parts:

  • Part one: entails the delivery of a study Skills Programme by Dr. Mary Surlis
  • Part two: entails the structured introduction of second level students ( in their selected areas of interest ) to the various University Colleges in the University.

In advance of this event students are consulted by their teachers on their preferred choice of course and grouped to meet with faculty and visit the Colleges.

The Junior Cycle Programme is offered to Junior Cert. and Transition Year Students. A full day event is organised in University of Galway during National College Awareness  Week. The day is structured in two parts:

  • Part one: will specifically focus on College/Career Information and subject choice for the senior cycle (Theme = University explained).
  • Part two: will introduce Mentors : Current undergraduate students who will discuss their courses and experience of university with your students

During College Awareness Week, first year and second year students experience through the medium of art, drama and writing the programmes on offer.  This is a school based event.

The Access centre also participates in school based  parent information sessions prior to the CAO application in Schools (on request) and  the delivery of HEAR presentations (on request).