Dr. Gerard O'Connor

Head of School of Physics, NUI Galway.



Gerard leads the NCLA laser research group at NUI Galway.  This group provides graduate research training in short pulse laser material interactions and works closely with industry on applied research projects.

Gerard graduated from NUI Galway in Experimental Physics (1989) and obtained a Ph.D in optical spectroscopy of semiconductor thin films, from NUI Galway in 1994. Following graduation, worked as a Materials Scientist with the National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC) in Cork. 

He returned to Galway in late 1995 when he was appointed Centre Manager for the National Centre for Laser Applications (NCLA). He continued in this role until he was appointed as a Lecturer in the Department of Experimental Physics at NUI Galway in January 2005. He was appointed Senior Lecturer School of Physics in March 2007.

He leads the INSPIRE PRTLI 4 & 5 projects at NUI Galway since 2008 and 2011, respectively. He was appointed as External examiner to the University of Liverpool's Postgrauate Laser Engineering Department in 2008. 

He coordinates an EU IAPP Marie Curie project Laser Connect.  He participates in an EU Photonics Clusters project ASPICE. 

Gerard is the NUI Galway Representative on the SFI supported National Access Programme at Tyndall National Institute, Cork.

In January 2011, Gerard succeeded Tom Glynn as the Academic Director of NCLA laser research group. Gerard has 34 Referreed Journal papers, 44 refereed conference publications, He has successfully supervised 7 PhD graduate students and 3 MSc Students. Gerard has research team of 8 postgraduates, 1 postdoc, 2 engineers and 1 Research manager.

Research Publications