Skills Development

University of Galway law students become highly skilled, employable graduates confident to progress to professional qualification and to pursue a range of other careers locally, nationally and globally.

Our law programmes incorporate the modules examined as part of the Incorporated Law Society’s entrance examinations (solicitor qualification) with opportunities also to take the modules examined as part of the Honourable King’s Inn entrance examinations (barrister qualification).

Skills-based modules are an essential part of our degrees equipping students with both the academic and practical skills required for successful careers and for life.  

Our academics work with students to develop competencies that are relevant for a career in law and are also transferable to any profession.  Our graduates will have not only legal expertise but a wide range of skills including:

  • Logical and critical thinking: Our students will learn to identify, analyse and critically evaluate legal sources in order to construct logical conclusions and recommendations.  These skills are essential for the legal profession and any managerial role.
  • Problem solving: Students will be required to understand the reasoning for legal decisions which enables their ability to view issues from a neutral prospective and appreciate conflicting opinions.  Problem solving skills are also developed which are important for both career and life.
  • Communication skills: Written and oral communication skills are required in almost every career and are of particular importance to legal professionals.  Our students are taught how to prepare legal submissions and present complex cases.  These skills are further enhanced through our mooting modules which simulate the courtroom situation.
  • Negotiation skills: An essential part of studying law is the development of negotiation skills to ensure the ability to debate case points, challenge decisions and close business deals.  Our students are provided with many opportunities to enhance their negotiation skills through assignments, projects and the mooting module.
  • Project management skills: A legal degree involves a large amount of research and evaluation of information in order to prepare strong legal strategy and arguments.  Throughout the course our students will develop project management skills which will enable them to plan and prioritise effectively.
  • An understanding of the law:Throughout the degree, students will develop a comparative understanding of the law and an appreciation of law as it works in practice.  This understanding is vital for work as a solicitor, barrister or legal expert in any company.