Innovative Approach To Teaching Law

The School of Law at the University of Galway has taken a unique and innovative approach to teaching law.

In the first year of our law programmes we concentrate on building a strong foundation of skills which students will build upon throughout their degree and their career.  

We teach the module Understanding the Law intensively in the opening weeks of the first semester to provide students the basic skills of case analysis, statutory interpretation, legal research, citation and writing.  Students also explore the foundation structures and operations of the Irish legal system.

This approach:
(i)  supports students to transition to the expectations of a university degree, and
(ii) builds a platform of essential skills which will be essential as students advance through their legal education.

The complementary module, Legal Skills, in the following semester enables students to further develop their research, critical thinking, problem-solving, writing and communication skills.

Our programmes are designed to maximise student potential by providing a balance of core law modules, critical legal skills and a specialism.  Students also have the opportunity to either study abroad or to avail of professional work placement.