BA(Joint Honours)/BA International (Spanish)

Visit the University’s Courses page for information on how to apply, entry requirements, career options and assessment.  The Erasmus programme provides opportunities to study abroad as part of the BA International.

Course overview

The BA International is a four-year programme involving the study of at least one modern Continental language to degree level and a one year period of study in a country in which that language is spoken.

The BA (Joint Honours) is a three-year version of the above degree, without the Year Abroad. Students of Spanish normally take the BA International. In exceptional circumstances, students may be allowed to opt for the BA (Joint Honours), although there is a strict requirement on such students to spend at least three months in Spain or Latin America during the course of their degree programme. Students should consult their Year Coordinator or the Head of Spanish if they wish to be considered for the BA (Joint Honours).

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Objectives – BA International

The BA International will enable suitably qualified students to study, in the third year of the programme, both of their academic subjects in a University of a continental European Union country (with the possibility, in the case of Spanish, of studying in a Latin American university). It will offer students the facility to study a Modern Continental language (and its literature) in a country where it is spoken, and also to study approved courses for their second subject through that same language with emphasis on the European/Continental dimension.

Programme content

The student must select her/his two degree subjects from the subject groupings provided by the College of Arts.

Students taking a combination of subjects other than in accordance with the above groupings may also, with the permission of the disciplines concerned and the approval of the College, be admitted to the programme.


Courses taken abroad

During their year of study abroad, students are required to enrol for courses and present themselves for the associated examinations. Normally they will be required to attain a total of 45 ECTS units or their equivalent in other approved credit unit systems. The students’ results are considered by a Special Examination Board. Students whose performance is considered unsatisfactory will be required to undertake additional work and to complete it successfully before they may proceed to graduation.

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