This section contains links for forms and website links relevant to undergraduate students and postgraduate students.


Forms for Undergraduates - Registered Students Only

These forms are relevant to registered students of the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies only. 

Extenuating Circumstances - Applications for the 2023/2024 scheme are open

Please review the Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Please note that submitting supporting documentation to support your application is a requirement of the application form.

Applications to the Extenuating Circumstances Scheme should be received before the assignment deadline. In the event of emergency circumstances where students are incapable of submitting ahead of the deadline, their request should be submitted as soon as possible following the assignment deadline.

In the event of serious circumstances where it is difficult to acquire supporting documentation (e.g. sudden bereavement or family emergency), please contact the College Student Advisor, Mary Cairns, by email: Evidence of the contact made with the Student Advisor may be considered as supporting documentation in such cases.

Leave of Absence - online application form and information on the Leave of Absence policy.

Exam Deferral Form - Please complete this form should you need to defer your Semester Two exam(s) as per the University Policy on exam deferrals. Click here for further information on Deferral of Examinations.

Important To Note:

  • Any student who defers Semester 1 and/or Semester 2 modules will be scheduled to undertake them at the Second Examination Sitting in August.
  • Any student who defers a module to the Second Sitting in August but then for whatever is unable to sit it in August, will have to register to repeat the year again.
  • Students progressing into Second, Third/Final Arts should note that any student who sit modules in August, will not be able to register for the following academic year when online registration for modules opens in mid-August and will have to wait until the start of September to register. This has implications for the range of optional modules that students will be able to select from when they go online to register as disciplines cap the number of students who can register for a particular optional module.
  • Final Year students should also note, if you are granted a deferral for a Semester 1 or Semester 2 module and as a result undertake the module at the Second Sitting in August and pass the year, you will not be able to be graduate when conferring takes place in August but will instead have to wait until the Winter Conferring in November.

Research Postgraduate Forms and Links

 The Graduate Studies website publishes guidelines, regulations and forms of interest to postgraduate students. Please visit the website for the following forms 

  • Declaration by full-time Research Student Form for employment in the University during studies
  • Declaration by part-time Research Student Form for employment in the University during studies 
  • Annual Student Report to GRC
  • Annual Supervisor(s) Report to GRC
  • GRC Recommendation Report to College
  • *Leave of Absence for Research Students
  • Credit Note for Leave of Absence for Research Students
  • Off Campus Form for Full-Time Research Students
  • Approval for Examination
  • Library Submissions Form
  • DPsych Conferring form
  • Library Submissions Form



‌‌‌We publish information on  upcoming Career Development Centre events, of particular interest to College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies students here. You can find more career information on the Career Development Centre website.