Course Overview

This programme is aimed at candidates who are currently employed in industry in Ireland, in management roles. It will also be suitable for candidates who are transitioning to a management role. The programme is part-funded by ITAG Skillnet, giving a reduced fee of €2,995 for ITAG members. Applications are also welcome from candidates who are not members of itag (the programme fee without the itag member discount is €4,950). Although the programme will equip graduates with broad understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, it will not require them to learn programming or mathematics to succeed. Instead it will focus on understanding AI at a more strategic and practical level: What techniques are available? How can a particular technique add value for my company? What data is needed? What skills do my team need? How do I track project progress? What are the legal issues for my company and what are the implications for society?

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Applications and Selections

Applications are made directly to funding body ITAG Skillnet. Applicants will initially be assessed for eligibility by ITAG Skillnet. They will then be assessed for academic entry requirements by University of Galway. Prospective applicants should email their CV to to determine eligibility for entry to the programme, before making a formal application for admission on the University of Galway postgraduate applications portal.

Who Teaches this Course

Prof David O'Sullivan
B.Sc., Dip.Mech.Eng., M.E.D., Ph.D.
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Dr. Rónán Kennedy
Senior Lecturer
Room 1004
9 Distillery Road
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Dr Patrick Mannion
B.Eng, Phd
Lecturer in Computer Science
IT Building
NUI Galway
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Dr Karl Mason
PhD, M.Sc., B.Sc.
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Requirements and Assessment

Key Facts

Entry Requirements

Strong Level-8 undergraduate, not necessarily in computer science. (Work experience may be considered as an alternative.) Must be working in industry in Ireland at an appropriate level (management or transitioning to management).

Additional Requirements


1 year, part-time

Next start date

September 2023

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Mode of study

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Course Outline

The course is fully online, over two semesters. We use asynchronous delivery to suit business leaders’ schedules. Delivered through videos, readings, exercises, discussion boards, group work, and more, with optional synchronous video sessions. We emphasise continuous assessment. Students will deliver multiple assessment items over the year, with limited use of exams. Students will customise projects to opportunities in their own companies.

The programme is divided into two themes: 

  1. AI Fundamentals (15 ECTS) 
  2. AI in Business and Society (15 ECTS).

These two themes are each implemented as a block of three modules, and each module is worth 5 ECTS. The overall structure is as follows:

Semester 1 (September–December):

  • Introduction to AI
  • AI Strategy and Transformation
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Semester 2 (January–May):

  • Data Analysis and Visualisation
  • Ethics and Law for AI
  • Future of AI

A graduate of this programme will achieve the following Learning Outcomes: 

  • Have a broad, practical grounding in the field of AI; 
  • Be able to work with data to achieve insight; 
  • Discuss recent examples of commercial applications of AI, including potential benefits and limitations; 
  • Know how to lead AI transformation in the organisation; 
  • Have the ability to lead strategic decision-making in relation to adoption of new AI technologies; 
  • Have an awareness of the legal and ethical issues arising in commercial applications of AI.

Why Choose This Course?

Career Opportunities

The field of artificial intelligence continues to grow very quickly, as techniques which have been proposed over decades are finally being shown to work. Milestones and grand challenges are being achieved. There is no prospect of AI growth slowing in the coming decades. Business leaders need to know how to strategise, envision projects, and hire and manage teams, without needing to become programmers.

This programme is suitable for students already in management, or in some cases transitioning to management. It is intended to allow them to progress their careers in the area of technology, including towards upper management and positions such as CTO. It is not intended for students aiming to work directly in coding AI systems.

Who’s Suited to This Course

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Course Fees

Fees: EU

€2,995 for ITAG members; €4,950 for non-members

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Dr Patrick Mannion 
Programme Director

What Our Graduates Say


Tom Lohan |   Graduate

As a Development Manager, with no background in Artificial Intelligence, I struggled to find a course that would give me a good understanding of AI without being too technical and hands on. When I came across the AI for Managers course at NUI Galway I knew it was the right course for me - it's focused at gaining a strong understanding of AI without having to do any coding. The course not only covers what AI and Machine Learning is but also addresses areas, such as AI Strategy, AI Ethics and Law, and Data Visualisation. This gives students the bigger picture of AI and how it impacts on our organisations, society and culture. The course is fully remote and lectures can be done on your schedule. The lecturers are extremely knowledgeable about their domain and are always willing to help and advise the students. There is a good mix of assessments, essays and projects. Overall the course prepares managers for how to understand, build and grow Artificial Intelligence teams and solutions in their companies. I highly recommend this course.

Lisa Molloy |   Graduate

I would highly recommend the PgCert (Computer Science—Artificial Intelligence for Managers) at NUI Galway. The course provides an extensive in-depth education on AI within computer science, the current uses, the trends and what the future has in store. The course and assignments are designed to ensure students gain a full understanding of topics covered and have a requirement to delve deeper to further investigate the uses of AI, combined with a firm emphasis on how to relate the above to current industry practice in your employment sector. The online course is well structured with realistic deliverables ensuring that the course is compatible with full-time work. In addition, the teaching staff delivered material via weekly lectures and encouraged student interaction to further enhance understanding of content and deliverables within. This interactive learning environment creates a platform to educate and equip graduates with a broad understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.


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