Introduction to the Financial System and Navigation

Click Agresso Introduction and Navigation for an introduction and a guide on how to navigate within Agresso.


Entering Requisitions

Procurement Policy Requirements

  1.  Raising a requisition.  Under the Procurement menu > Requisition Entry, there is a mandatory field in the form of a drop-down menu, where users must select the Procurement Process Undertaken for their requisition. Click here for assistance in choosing the appropriate procurement process for your requisition.

  2. Requisitions greater than €5000 will generate an onscreen pop-up message asking users to confirm procurement compliance requirements have been met.
  • Note: It is a mandatory requirement that requisitions greater than €5000 should have one or more documents uploaded to the requisition with the relevant procurement-related documentation.  Click here for guidance on what documentation is required for each procurement process.

Document Upload to Requisitions

Document Upload to Requisitions

Product Codes

A full list of Product Codes is available from the Procurement & Contracts Office.


Please see the Financial Accounting Office for more information on taxation.

Goods Receipt

Click for more information on Goods Receipts in Financial System.

How to unpark a parked requisition?

How to unpark a parked requisition

How to approve or reject an einvoice or credit note?

Click for a guide on how to approve/reject an einvoice/credit note.

How to remove a rejected requisition from task list?

  1. See How to Change the Status of a Rejected Requisition from Active to Closed
  2. Once you have changed the status from Active to Closed log a call with the Service Desk to clear it from "My Tasks".

How to export a report from the Financial System into Microsoft Excel?

How to Export a Report from Agresso into Microsoft Excel‌

Research Group Requisitioner role/access

Click for more information on the Research Group Requisitioner role/access.