How do I transfer a budget from one account to another?

For details on transferring a budget from one account to another, see

What can my Part-Time Assistance (PTA) budget be used for?

The Part-Time Assistance (PTA) Budget is reserved for any additional pay costs over and above the original Basic Pay Budget provided at the start of the year.

This includes any additional cover that is required as a result of absence due to maternity leave, parental leave, illness or other long term absences. The PTA budget may not be supported by funding from the Basic Pay Budget. Any underfunding of PTA costs must be paid out of the General Non-Pay Budget, should PTA over-spends occur.

How do I find the available balance in my budget or transaction details?

In order to check the recurrent budget available balance in the Financial System, please follow the guide available online. 

How can I review budget movements?

For instructions on how to review budget movements, go to

I have not fully utilised my basic Pay Budget. Can I transfer the balance to my Non-Pay budget?

Pay Budgets may not be transferred to the Non-Pay Budget line. Similarly, Non-Pay Budgets may not be transferred to the Pay line, with the exception of the PTA (Part-Time Assistance) Budget line.

Any pay savings resulting from underspends during the academic year will be rolled back and utilised centrally. For more information, go to

I have not fully utilised my recurrent Non-Pay budget. Can I roll forward the balance to the next financial period?

Recurrent budgets are allocated with a view to their being spent within the timeframe stipulated and must be demonstrated thus to the HEA. As such, any savings which arise as a result of budgetary underspends at the end of the financial year may not be rolled forward to the next financial period. Net savings (or overspends) are rolled up at the College level to be used strategically at the discretion of the dean.

I have overspent my recurrent Non-Pay budget. Will I be penalised in the next financial period?

The treatment of over (and under) spent Non-Pay Budgets at the end of the year is at the discretion of the dean, as net overspends will be rolled up at the College level.

It is not uncommon, however, for deans to reduce Non-Pay Budgets in subsequent financial periods by the excess from the previous period.

I am expecting some income. How can I check to see if this has been received and is available?

There are a number of ways in which you can check to see if your income has been received. The simplest way is to establish whether your budget has been increased by the amount of income you expect to receive.

To take the necessary steps to do this, go to