About the Journal

Aims and Scope:

We aim to publish original research and review articles that engage with the concepts of gender, globalisation and rights, by graduate authors and early career researchers. In particular, we seek to publish quality, original works spanning a wide range of topics including (among others): extreme poverty, armed conflict and politicised religion; human trafficking, gender-based violence and global health challenges; feminist analysis of cultural texts; and sociological investigations of current issues and crises. We publish empirical and theory-based works that employ a feminist or gender-lens.

Issues will be annual and largely formed by the student cohort in a given year: they will not be thematic. In order to reach as wide an audience as possible, articles should aim to be accessible in style, without compromising on rigour. The underlying themes of gender, globalization and rights shape the journal and all articles should respond in some way to these themes.

Editorial Board:

Dr. Stacey Scriver, founding editor. Director, MA Gender, Globalisation and Rights, School of Political Science and Sociology

Carol Ballantine, founding editor. Global Women’s Studies, NUI Galway

Editorial Assistant: Chloe Legaspi-Cavin, Graduate Student, MA Gender, Globalisation and Rights (2019-2020)

Technical Support: Gillian Browne, Administrative Assistant, Centre for Global Women's Studies, NUI Galway

ISSN Number: 2712-0139