Our MA Graduates

Our Graduates

Marie-Johanna Heschl (2013-2014)

I am currently pursuing an LL.M in international human rights. I also work as an Educational Support Worker in NUIG and am involved in activism with Galway Pro Choice and work with Green Sod Ireland as a volunteer and activist. Coming from a non-Gender Studies background, I was excellently introduced and immersed into the concepts of Gender and its relevance in all other areas. I was equipped with tools on how to work towards positive change within the academic field as well as in the field of grassroots activism. I gained both academic and practical skills. I feel very confident in the area of social justice and am able to identify gender issues in all spheres of life. I feel I can use the skills to work in the political and development sector as well as grass roots.

‌Mary McGill

Currently I am a Hardiman scholar at NUIG. My PhD research explores young women's engagement with the selfie phenomenon. I also work as freelance journalist with a focus on gender and women's issues and I lecture on the Feminist and Gender Theorising module of the MA in Gender, Globalisation and Rights. Completing the MA has been invaluable to me in so many ways, both professionally and personally and as an activist. Most of all it has given me the intellectual and practical skills that have enabled me, as an academic and journalist, to work on issues I feel passionately about and to bring those issues and ideas to a broad audience. It is hard to settle on one thing but if I have to pick, it is learning to situate and appreciate the work of contemporary Women's Studies within the long, rich history of the worldwide struggle for women's rights.

Gabrielle Lamake (2012-2013)

During the MA course I was also volunteering in a homework study. Each time I left the building I felt my heart burn with the desire to teach but I wondered “how”. The professors helped me mold a dissertation that tied my interests in the Traveling Community and education into one. With my current work as a Kindergarten teacher I am teaching young children and I am bringing into the classroom, information that I learned in this Masters course, my work outside of the course and also in my community placement experience with Pavee Point. The most important things I’ve learned learned are how imperative it is to gain hands-on experience in an organization. And the power of community; the class that I graduated with was close and supportive and a powerful bunch of beautiful individuals who I know are trying to make this world more just and equal.

 Margaret Coleman

MA Graduate (2014)
Regional Fundraising Coordinator for FOCUS Ireland

“The MA in Gender, Globalisation and Rights has enhanced my passion for human rights, while providing me with new and interesting perspectives on the role gender plays in our society. This programme provided me with the space to share ideas and pursue research in a supportive and dynamic environment, preparing me for a range of versatile career opportunities in the field of human rights”

Saba Gebremedhin Hagos 

MA Graduate and Irish Aid Scholar (2013-2014) 
Executive Director of Network of Ethiopian Women's Associations 

"I am very happy that I chose the MA in Gender, Globalisation and Rights. What I have learnt has strengthened my sense that what my organisation is doing is correct but also the need for deeper analysis and a more global perspective. I now see the importance of certain issues that the women’s movement in my country needs to grasp such as trafficking and migration."
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