It is the policy of University of Galway to issue a Staff Identification card to all permanent and temporary employees of the University who have been issued contracts of employment by the Human Resources Office. Where an employee is employed on a contract basis, the staff Identification card shall include an expiry date.

The Staff Identification card will prove that you are an employee of the University of Galway. The card must be produced on request. The Staff Identification card gives employees access to University facilities such as the Library, Sports facilities and ISS.

Staff Identification cards are issued by the Human Resources Office.

New Staff

On receipt of your completed recruitment paperwork members of the Recruitment and Contracts team will ask you to complete the below form to request a new ID card.

Existing Staff

To request a new Staff Identification card , you must submit via the Staff ID Request Form linked below.You must ensure prior to submitting this form that your profile photo on your staff account is uploaded/updated in Core Portal. Information on how to do this can be found here

A card will issue to your work address normally within 5 working days.

Permanent Staff are issued with a Staff Identification card which will expire on the date they cease employment with University of Galway or on their retirement date. Temporary staff are issued with a Staff Identification card which will expire on the expiry date of their current employment contract.

Retired Staff

A Retired Staff ID card which will be issued by the Human Resources Office on request. The card may be used to access the following facilities of the University:

  • The Library
  • Computer Suites

and enable Retired Staff to avail of the Staff discount scheme.

Lost or stolen ID cards

Staff Identification cards are the property of NUI Galway.  Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Human Resources Office. Identification cards must be returned to the University when employment ceases. Staff Identification cards should not be left unattended on desks or carried in such a manner as to be susceptible to loss or theft. The Human Resources Office should be informed if the staff Identification card is lost or stolen.  A staff member may have only one valid ID card in their possession. Duplication of a staff ID card is strictly forbidden.

Visiting academic and research staff of associated organisations with a sponsored research agreement or honorary appointment may request a temporary identification card by completing an Honorary Staff Appointment ID Card Form. The Human Resources  Office will review all requests prior to the issuing of an identification card as appropriate.

The issuing of an NUI Galway Identification Card to visiting academic or research staff of associated organisations does not confer any rights on the user in relation to any services provided to staff by NUI Galway. It is only issued by NUI Galway at the request of the College/School concerned for the purposes of identification. Any liability occurring in relation to the misuse of the NUI Galway identification card resides with the requesting body and the staff member(s) concerned and the identification card is issued on that basis.