Shortlisting Process & Procedure  

 The individual Research Centre or PI will receive the applications directly, either via post or e-mail. The shortlisting form can also be used to record applications as they are received.  

 All members of the Selection Committee should attend a shortlisting meeting arranged by the PI (or nominee). Each member of the Selection Committee must read each application and rate applicants according to the essential and desirable selection criteria only, those satisfying the essential criteria must be shortlisted and for those not shortlisted a brief note must be included  

  • Shortlist all applicants who possess the essential criteria stated in the advertisement.  

  • Note briefly the reasons for not short listing each unsuccessful applicant.  

When shortlisting, members should not:  

  • Make negative assumptions or decisions on the basis of perceived over-qualification.  

  • Make negative assumptions or decisions about overseas qualifications with which they are unfamiliar.  

  • Recommend for interview any applicant, whether internal or external, who does not meet the essential criteria.  

  • Predetermine the number of applicants to be interviewed.  

If it is not possible for all of the Selection Committee to meet, the PI (or nominee) is responsible for contacting all members about their individual shortlists, drawing up a final shortlist acceptable to all Selection Committee members.  

The Selection Committee will:  

  • Agree on and record a final shortlist if unanimous based on the essential and desirable criteria as set out in the advertisement  

  • Include in the shortlist all applicants about whom there is dispute if unanimity cannot be achieved.  

  • Consider re-advertising the position if no applicants meet all the essential criteria.  

  • Shortlist further, where a substantial number of applicants possess all the essential criteria, to either remove those applicants who do not possess the desirable criteria, and/or rank those candidates who best meet the essential criteria.  

  • N.B. Agree on the suitable range of questions, presentation title if required, suitable date and location for the interviews.  

Shortlisting Documentation  

  • The Chairperson must complete the Shortlisting Form in order to verify and record the Committee’s decisions. This report will facilitate any subsequent feedback requests from candidates and should provide clear and comprehensive reasoning as to why candidates were excluded. Individual scoring comments are only necessary should an applicant fail to demonstrate a clear correlation between their skills, knowledge and abilities and the pre-defined selection criteria for the position.  

  • Once the Committee has agreed a shortlist, the PI (or nominee) should contact shortlisted candidates and arrange the interviews for the position using the HR approved invitation paperwork (letter/email), containing details of the interview venue, time of interview, expense claim information (if applicable) and any other information.  

  • Those candidates not shortlisted must receive a letter/email outlining the decision of the board from the PI (or nominee) within one week of the shortlisting meeting.  

 NOTE: Changes cannot be made to the official University of Galway template letters or forms