PPF Process:

PPF’s are now uploaded to a shared space by the RAO once they are approved. HR will only be able to retrieve the PPF by searching for the Candidates Name (Effective from 11/04/2023).

An approved Post Proposal Form (PPF) from the Research Accounts Office (RAO) is required before a contract can be issued to the successful candidate

The PI is responsible for submitting the PPF to the RAO for approval. The PI will receive an automatic notification once it is approved (note: HR are not automatically notified). Please ensure you forward this email confirming approval of funds to HR along with all the required interview paperwork.

D accounts: The RAO do not approve PPFs costed to D accounts rather Management Accounts/the relevant College Finance Manager’s approve these PPFs.

  • The PPF (must be signed by the college finance manager) can be sent directly to HR with the interview paperwork. 

Automatic Notifications:

As your submission progresses, the PI will receive automated updates at each stage of PPF processing (Effective from 11/04/2023). 

  1. The first automatic notification is from the RAO and will state that your funds have been approved. Please ensure you forward this email to HR to let them know that the PPF has been approved. Please also ensure you have returned all the required interview paperwork to HR in order for the contract to be issued. 
  2. The second automatic notification that the PI receives is from HR and will state that the PPF is 'In Progress' which means HR are working on the contract and will issue within 1-2 weeks. 
  3. The final automatic notification that the PI receives is from HR and will state that the PPF is 'Completed' which means HR have successfully issued the contract to the respective candidate. 

How to complete the PPF:

Please ensure all information on the PPF is accurate as this data is used by HR in preparing the contract and official offer. In particular please note the following:

  • Start Date: The PPF must be approved by RAO, 6 weeks (at a minimum) in advanceof the contract start date to allow sufficient time for compliance checks, data processing.
    • If relocating/visa required; please allow EU Citizens - 8-10 weeks and Non-EEA Citizens – 12-16 Weeks (for visa processing, bank and ppsn set up)
    • If Garda Vetting required; a further 4 weeks for processing must be allowed. 
  • Candidates Full Name:(correct spelling) must be correct on the PPF and on the returned interview report.
  • Existing Employees ID number: Please ensure it is highlighted to HR if this employee is an existing employee (Note: ID number should be referenced on the interview report form and the PPF). This will help speed up processing, as a lot of paperwork should already be on file.
    • Please ensure it is flagged if their current contract is due to end soon, as we will always try to prioritise to prevent a break in service, where possible. 
  • Post Title: must match the Job Advert
  • Competition ID: Ref University of Galway XXX-XX’.
  • Salary: Must be in line with CORE Pay, available her: Research Salary Scales - University of Galway.
  • Work Authorisation: It is the responsibility of the PI to check that the candidate holds work authorisation prior to HR extending formal offer. If a Hosting Agreementis required this must be clearly stated on the PPF.

Please be advised your recruitment consultant can advise you on any of the above prior to submitting to RAO.

RAO Contact information:

Where there is a PPF query relating to an award from a specific funder, the email should be directed as follows;

  1. Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and Irish Research Council (IRC) e.g. RSF, RCR, RIB accounts; sfi-ircfunderteam@universityofgalway.ie
  2. EU, Health Research Board (HRB), Internal (Non-Budget) e.g. RE, RHB, RHR, RGF, RSU, RII accounts; eu-hrb-raofunderteam@universityofgalway.ie
  3. All other funders e.g. REI, RMI, RCH, REP, RIN, ROG accounts; raomultifunderteam@universityofgalway.ie

HR Contact information:

  1. New hire (advertised posts, awards or non-renewable offers) queries should be directed to hrresearch@universityofgalway.ie
  2. Renewals / Contract changes queries should be directed to hrcontracts@universityofgalway.ie