How Can I Change Incorrect Details for my Student Record?

All computing services are provided to students with regard to their registration status at NUI Galway. All student details (e.g. name displayed, email address) are taken from the University Student Record information recorded at registration. To review the details recorded for you as a student, please contact the Registration Office.

How Can I  Change my Name?

If you wish to change your name in the University Student Records system, you will need to download the Change of Name Form available from the Student Information Desk and submit it, along with the necessary documentation as instructed on the form.

Does a Student Name Change Impact the Student Email Address?

Following a name change on the University Student Records system, the student email address will be changed if the first name initial or surname (with the exception of just adding/removing síne fadas) changes.

Following a name change, the student will receive an automatic email informing them of the change. 

If this change is acceptable, the student should contact the Service Desk to confirm the change. 
Not Acceptable

If this change is not acceptable, the student must take the following actions:

  1. Request a name change on the Student Records system. Instructions available online 

  2. Contact the Service Desk to reject the change.

Students: Please note that your email address as listed in the University Student Records system is the official means of communicating with the University so it is extremely important that you are using the correct email account to access your messages. The old email account (used prior to the name change) will be disabled in due course.

Note: The new email address (as advised in the email from the Service Desk) becomes the new Office 365 Log in ID. Students continue to use the same password used previously and will retain access to theie Office 365 content.

Once you have accepted your email address change, your previous email address is no longer valid and will be disabled and deleted. Please note that no further notification will be given prior to disabling/deletion of this old email account.

How Can I Change my Date of Birth?

If your date of birth in the University Student Records system is incorrect, you will need to visit the Student Information Desk and present a copy of your birth certificate in order to request this change.

How Can I Change my Address?

If you wish to change your address in the Student Records of NUI Galway, please submit a request in writing to the Student Information Desk. You may change your Term Address as often as necessary. Note that it is not recommended that students change their Home Address details.

For any other changes, please update by logging into MyCampus.