QS European Ranking

In Sept 2023, QS launched their inaugural QS World University Rankings: Europe 2024, featuring 690 institutions across 42 locations, reflecting their performance in the following 12 categories:


Academic Reputation 30%
Employer Reputation 15%
Citations per Paper 10%
Papers per Faculty 5%
International Research Network 10%
Employment Outcomes 5%
Faculty Student Ratio 5%
International Student Diversity  5%
International Faculty Ratio 5%
Inbound Exchange Student Ratio 2.5%
Outbound Exchange Student Ratio 2.5%
Sustainability Score 5%


While the metrics are similar to the QS World Univeristy Ranking, this European ranking focuses more on Internationalization diversity and education exchange. 

The International Student Diversity metric measures both the proportion of international students AND the diversity of nationalities of these students, which inbound and outbound exchange students are also measured.  


University of Galway Result 2024:

University of Galway was ranked 98th in Europe out of 690 institutions across 42 locations.