You've decided to study abroad as part of your degree at University of Galway. Congratulations! Studying abroad is a blend of academic, personal, and cultural experiences. The following pages are designed to give you guidance to help you prepare for your destination.

It is critical that you play an active role in the planning of your mobility, especially with regard to risks and personal safety. The following pages aim to provide information to help you enhance your safety and experience, consider risks, and assist you with the requirements that University of Galway lays out with respect to international activities.

International Travel Toolkits for:

Pre-departure Toolkit

How best to plan before you go abroad, information regarding University Requirements, Academic Planning, Visa Information, Advice for Accommodation 

Pre-departure Toolkit for Undergraduate Students

Whilst Abroad Toolkit

General Advice whilst  studying abroad, what to do in an emergency, staying in touch with the university.

Whilst Abroad Toolkit for Undergraduate Students 

Staff overseeing international travel

Information for staff overseeing international student travel 

Toolkit for Staff Overseeing Student International Travel