Toolkit for Staff Overseeing Student International Travel

This Toolkit can be used in conjunction with and reference to instructions and guidance given in the Pre-departure Toolkit for Students. It aims to provide staff with an overview of the University requirements that apply to student international activities and guidance and tools to enhance safety, reduce risks, and assist the community in meeting these requirements.

It is important that students and staff understand and follow the travel policies and guidelines for undergraduates as given in the Pre-departure Toolkit for Students.

Accordingly, College sending students abroad must instruct them that the following is required:

  •  Research, completion and approval of a Mobility Assessment particular to their mobility, by the student and their College.
  • Completion of a Student Declaration outlining understanding their responsibilities around due diligence, good public health practices, insurance, and finances.
  • A valid insurance policy and understanding where exclusions apply to infectious diseases such as Covid-19.
  • Attendance at a minimum of one virtual Pre-departure Briefings
  • Submission of an Emergency Contact Form with details of next-of-kin
  • An Organisational Assessment (completed by employers and arranged by the Placement Office) – only for Placements

For overview of the pre-departure process, and as a staff member, your College’s role in it, please review this Pre-Departure Flow Chart.