The cluster

Our Mission

The mission of the Ryan Institute's cross-cutting Economic and Social Impact Research Cluster is to conduct a critical investigation of political processes, and socio-economic and cultural levers, for sustainability. This area is now a key research and policy focus both in Ireland and internationally. This special interest group brings together researchers from the social sciences who share an interest in sustainability questions.

Key areas of expertise among its members include the theorization and measurement of environmental knowledge, attitudes, and behavior, theoretical and empirical work on the socio-cultural, political, and economic causes of (over)consumption and its impacts on society and the environment, research on the sustainability of rural systems, studies of marine and coastal environments and conceptual and empirical work on resource conflicts and contested concepts and indicators of development and sustainability. Sub-themes include Sustainability Knowledge and Everyday Practices, Sustainable Rural Systems, Marine and Coastal Environments, and Governance, Development, and Contestation.