Course information 2023-2024

Semester 1 begins on Monday 4th of September 2023 for 2nd to 4th years.

1st years begin Monday, 18th of September 2023.


CH101 Course Information 2023-24

CH120 Course Information 2023-24

CH130 Course Information 2023-24

CH140 Course Information 2023-24

CP102 Course Information 2023-24

All lectures and labs are on campus for both semesters.

First Year Chemistry Practical’s Semester 1 2023/24

Semester 1 First year chemistry practicals will begin the week of the 2nd of October 2023 (Sem. 1, CH101/CH120 (1MR & 1BGG only)/CH130/CP102).

All practicals will be carried out on campus in the afternoons. Students will be notified by the College the day of practicals and allocated a bench number. Students are expected to perform their laboratory work on the assigned afternoon (no swapping allowed).

Laboratory prerequisites:

  • Students must bring their own white laboratory coat and safety glasses (available at the SU shop). Laboratory coats and safety glasses cannot be hired or borrowed anymore: should a student arrive at a practical without their own laboratory coat and/or safety glasses, they will not be allowed to carry out the practical and, as such, will be given an unauthorized absence.
  • The electronic version of the laboratory manual will be available on Canvas. Students must bring their own printout of the laboratory manual (no hardcopy provided, mobile phones/tablets/laptops strictly prohibited)‌