BladeComp – a design and optimisation software for wind and tidal turbine blades


BladeComp is an in-house developed wind/tidal turbine blade design and optimisation software. The BladeComp comprises advanced Finite Element (FE) analysis techniques and design optimisation strategies for efficient, robust and rapid design of turbine blades. The methodology for designing wind/tidal blade is utilized by the BladeComp‌, which can produce blade model for a range of input properties, such as air-foils, composite materials and layup distributions.

This software has been used to design rotor blades for the 2 MW Orbital Marine Power floating tidal turbine device, which is manufactured in Ireland (Galway) by ÉireComposites and is tested in our facility under static and fatigue loading. The test results validate the reliability of this software. The BladeComp is also used to optimise the structural performance of a 15kw wind turbine blade [link], where the strength of the optimised blade is significantly improved without increase the blade mass. In the worldwide context, this will put the MaREI Centre at NUI Galway at the forefront of design and testing of full-scale tidal turbine rotor blades, rotor blades, which is necessary to exploit the full potential of marine energy as a significant renewable resource.


  • Blade geometry creation 
  • Composite layers assignment 
  • Input file generation for FE software, ABAQUS, Ansys APDL and CalculiX 
  • Structure behaviour Optimisation (under development) 
  • bladecomp-features

Demo download

BladeComp Demo Installer 0.76 (x64)

I‌f you get the "missing dll file error", please install the "VC_redist.x64.exe" in the program folder.


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