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Completed Projects

 Project Title

Start Date

End Date

Design and optimisation software for tidal and wind turbine blades 2019 2019
Engineering Ireland to 2040 2018 2018
Maximum Safe Working Load (MSWL) Testing on Foundation Prototypes 2018 2018
Development of a Structural fatigue testing rig 2018 2018
SC-CBF: Investigation of Seismic Deformation Demand, Capacity and Control in a Novel Self-Centring Steel Braced Frame 2018 2019
M O'Shaughnessy archive and exhibition 2017 2017
Testing and analysing the performance of the Dragmaster H2O re Micro Hydro river and weir prototype units 2017 2017
Vibrometer 2017 2017
Improving the efficiency of manufacturing wind and tidal turbine blades 2017 2018
OPTI-SDS: An investigation of the optimum specification for soil depressurisation systems (active and passive) that take account of Irish building practices 2016 2019
SUMFOREST: Benchmarking sustainability performance of value chains using ToSIA 2016 2019
To develop and implementation a platform of EN 15804 for publication of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in Ireland (w/ Irish Green Building Council) 2016 2018
CUSP: Community University Sustainability Project 2016 2018
Retrofit solutions for Irish building stock: The impact of human behaviour 2015 2015
Seismic Design and Testing for Non‐Structural Panel Systems 2015 2015
Data acquisition systems for structural testing 2015 2015
Large Scale Testing of Out-Of-Autoclave Composite Structures (w/ ƒirecomposites) 2015 2019
Accelerated life testing study of Openhydro tidal turbine blades 2015 2019
Built2Spec: Tools for the 21st Century Construction Site 2015 2018
SFI Discovery Programme: Building STEM Capacity in Community-based Learning & Research (w/ Campus Engage) 2015 2016
NZEB-RETROFIT: Achieving nearly zero energy buildings - A life cycle assessment approach to retrofitting existing buildings 2014 2018
Development of a Water Use and Waste Management Framework for the Dairy Processing Industry (DAIRYWATER) 2014 2018
Real-time monitoring of tunnelling works 2014 2016
Structural testing for Siemens/MCT tidal turbine blades 2014 2015
Innovative precast concrete products (w/ Tracey Concrete). 2014 2015
MaREI – Marine renewable Energy of Ireland 2013 2018
Real-time monitoring of tunnelling works 2013 2015
The influence of advanced structural building component properties on indoor environments 2013 2015
Community Based Research: Curriculum Reform in Engineering Education Programmes 2012 2012
Environmental lifecycle assessment of typical Irish products 2011 2014
Develop self-centring frame structures after earthquake loading 2010 2013
Improved European Design and Assessment Methods for Concentrically-Braced Frames ÔBRACED ProjectÕ 2010 2013
Seismic design of CBFs 2010 2012
Installation of embedded sensors in the Engineering building at NUI Galway as teaching and research tools for energy and structural engineering 2010 2011
Structural health monitoring of ocean energy devices 2009 2013
Seismic design and analysis of steel gusset plates 2009 2012
Cost effective sustainable construction technology for autonomous buildings 2009 2012
Analysis of shear transfer in void formed flat slab systems including in-situ measurements from a building 2009 2011
A methodology for environmental LCA of reinforced concrete 2009 2011
Research into the status of safety and health (risk education) within construction-related courses in third level institutions in Ireland 2009 2010
Investigation of the strength and durability performance of stabilised soil masonry blocks 2009 2009
Development of a simplified displacement-based design approach for braced frames 2009 2009