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Careers on social media

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Twitter Twitter  * Latest careers news from Careers and others   * Upcoming events on and off campus

Instagram Icon Instagram * News and updates  * Live from events

LinkedIn LinkedIn  * Follow us for updates.

YouTube Careers YouTube Channel  * recorded Careers seminars   * playlists of relevant videos

Targeted emails:

Careers send out weekly emails to students with upcoming events during term. To do this we use Careers Connect (see link to left).

You can also opt-in to get targeted emails on events, jobs and more.

How to get started on Careers Connect:

Students can log in once registered using their usual university details

Graduates will need to register seperately giving their old student number

Update your profile details to get alerts relevant to you:

  • You're automatically 'on' for emails from Careers. If you have graduated you may wish to opt-out of these.
  • You need to opt in to automatically generated emails on Events or Jobs/opportunities.
  • Select the type of job you're interested in getting emails about (internships, graduate programmes etc). We recommend you select them all to keep fully informed.
  • Pick the sectors you're interested in - you need to pick at least one to get emails on jobs. Remember that certain jobs could be in any sector so we recommend choosing a few so you don't miss out. If you are interesed in funding opportunities then also select 'teaching and education'.

‌Taking part in careers events

If you have graduated and would like to take part in one of our events (e.g., sector panel discussions etc) then please contact us either through the social channels above or by email.