Transition to Employment

Join us in our award winning programme for students with a disability or mental health challenge! 

A series of workshops for students with a disability or mental health challenge, to get support and advice as you prepare to leave university and progress in your career.

Students in any year are welcome to attend and the series is particularly relevant to students preparing for placement as part of their programme, or who will be looking for employment in 2024.

Supportive talks and workshops take you through the process of preparing for the world of work, inviting you to reflect on your resilience, increase your self-esteem and build confidence in your strengths and abilities in an informal and confidential setting. Valuable employer insights and information on disclosure from experts in the field demystify the hiring process and empower you with an understanding of your rights.

While we strongly encourage you to come to all 4 workshops, we do understand that you may not be in a position to attend them all.


Making transitions; your skills and strengths
This workshop provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your strengths, learn to identify your skills and abilities and how they are applicable to the workplace. 

Disclosure Workshop
What previous attendees said: "Realised that there are supports and am not alone

Employer Panel                          
What previous attendees said: "Companies gave good feedback that there is hope to get employed "

Plan your next steps
Job searching, networking, CV & Interview skills as you transition into the job market                           
What previous attendees said: "Showed me my future is going in the right direction for employment"

2024 series will be confirmed before Semester 2 starts and will be held on campus. 

Reserve a place through Careers Connect or join us at the first Workshop.


 "I couldn’t believe the help and encouragement offered during the five weeks. It was as though it was tailored just for me. I left with lifelong interview skills, legal information regarding disclosure and a new found confidence."

 "I learned a lot about the choices when and why to disclose or not to disclose a disability to an employer and the grants and programmes that are available to enable people with disabilities to succeed in the job market. I had heard of AHEAD and the WAM scheme, but I wasnt exactly sure what it is. Many people with disabilities still find it hard to get a job, but it is encouraging to see that companies like Google and the ESB value diversity and are passionate about providing equal chances for everyone. I also liked that some of the speakers had different disabilities themselves and shared their personal career stories."

 "During the programme Employers [and] Ahead came to give information about applying for work and from this I started thinking difference how employable I am with my Dyslexia. Since the programme, I am now confident going forward applying for work. I am growing as person with the support around CV and Interview for a job.  I would highly rate this Programme to all students as it helps looking to the future with more confidence getting a job."

Award Winning Programme

  • Global Careers Summit: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Award [2023]
  • AGCAS Awards for Excellence: Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity [2021]