Host a work placement student

The Work Based Learning team have an extensive network of organisation nationally and internationally that provide high quality work placement for our students that is relevant to their course of study.

We have extensive experience over many years interacting with organisation and have the necessary expertise to make hiring a work placement student as straight forward process.

In order to maintain high quality work placements and productive working relationships with organisations we understand that it is very important to inform the company of our expectations of what is expected from them when hosting a placement student. We also streamline the placement process so that it is easily accessible for the organisation and organisation can review, shortlist, interview and hire students in an efficient manner.

What type of work can a work placement student undertake while on placement?

What does the organisation have to provide for the student?

Are work placements paid?

Are students insured while on placement?

How do I get involved in the placement process and secure a work placement student?

Remote Working Placements - Tips for Employers