Purchase to Pay (P2P) means having a seamless and paperless automated workflow process for ordering, purchasing, approving, paying, and storing supplier invoices.

Bookers & Budget Holders

Current P2P Non-PO Suppliers are the contracted Catering & Hospitality suppliers, Club Travel and Recruitment Agency Staff. If a supplier is set up as a P2P Non-PO Supplier on the Financial System, there is no longer the need to print invoices for authorisation or to return to Accounts Payable for processing and payment.  Instead, invoices from these suppliers will be received electronically into the Financial System and an email will be automatically sent to the booker and budget holder/nominee(s) with instructions on how to approve them.  Purchase Orders are no longer required for P2P Non-PO suppliers.

Budget Holders, login to the Financial System. Click on the Invoice/Credit Note Approval task which will appear in the My tasks area (top right-hand corner).

Suppliers for Non-Purchase Order

Approving eInvoices

eInvoices from travel, catering, and the recruitment supplier ICE, can be approved online.   To see how to view the step-by-step guide How to approve or reject an eInvoice or credit note.

P2P Non-PO FAQ's

P2P Non-PO FAQ's

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions pages for answers to any queries you might have.

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