P2P Marketplace connects suppliers directly through the Financial System to Web Requisitioners, Web PO Approvers and Budget Holders. These suppliers are known as Marketplace Suppliers.

Log in to the Financial System.   Click on the Procurement tab and then, Requisitions - Marketplace Suppliers.

Marketplace Suppliers

Marketplace Suppliers are suppliers who linked to the Financial System through the Marketplace. Therefore on the Financial System, when you access the P2P Marketplace and click on the supplier icon, you connect directly with the supplier and start shopping. This makes it possible to get real-time product information such as pricing, quantities in stock, delivery times and placing the product on backorder.

Delivery Address

Your full Delivery Address is an essential requirement for P2P Marketplace. will also update your work address on the Financial System. This will enable couriers and delivery drivers to find your location for goods deliveries. 

Your delivery address will update on the Financial System within 24 hours of making your changes on Employee Self Service (ESS)/Core Portal.

Suppliers step-by-step shopping guides 

Suppliers Step-by-Step Shopping Guides

‌Fisher Scientific helpful information on How to order SINGLE Oligos customer information and How to order MULTIPLE Oligos customer information. 

P2P Marketplace FAQ's

P2P Marketplace FAQ's

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions pages for answers to any queries you might have or email p2p@nuigalway.ie

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