All accidents/near misses/first aid incidents which occur on University of Galway premises or as a result of University of Galway work activities elsewhere, must be reported within 24 hours via your Head of Unit to the University of Galway Safety Office.  

  • An University of Galway Accident Report Form  needs to be completed where a person is injured in the workplace or while working e.g. a slip/trip/fall or cut by scalpel.
  • A near miss is where a person could have been injured but some particular factor prevented actual injury e.g. shelf fell/chemical glass bottle shattered, no one in vicinity in both cases.  Near miss is reported on the University of Galway Accident Report Form but the injury details are not completed.
  • An University of Galway First Aid Record Form  needs to be completed only in the case of first aid treatment of medical conditions e.g. fainting, epilepsy.

 Please ensure that all relevant details are completed.

Legislation requires that certain workplace accidents be reported to the Health and Safety Authority by the NUI Galway Safety Office.

The Safety Contact Poster provides each Unit with their local Accident Recorder and other emergency contacts.