Safety Contact Posters are provided so that in advance of an emergency each Unit will have planned their response and local key safety contacts will be known.

Posters are available under files for download on this page. Please overwrite with information relevant to your area and display in click frames available from Office Suppliers.

When printing this document if you have problems with the green background, please ensure page set up allows background colour to come through.  Under File, Options, Advanced ensure 'show background colours and images in print layout' is ticked.

Please select areas with maximum exposure to staff and students e.g. corridors, common rooms/congregating areas, stair wells and at least one per floor, where relevant (individual offices or smaller rooms are generally not appropriate). As a rule of thumb, all personnel should be able to see a Safety Contacts poster on a wall of each public area or room within your Unit.  

Once locations for posters has been decided and click frames have been purchased Buildings & Estates will schedule the fixing of frames. This can be done in conjunction with your Departmental Liaison personnel using the PEMAC system.

Safety Contact Poster