The staff of the Health and Safety Office provide advice and assistance on workplace health and safety matters to Heads of Units.  This is to assist and support the Heads to manage the health and safety of their staff in their area of responsibility and to comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 and associated legislation.

Where can I find a list of Unit Heads and Safety Co-ordinators?

You will find a list of Unit Heads and Safety Co-ordinators here. 

What are the main Safety Management Requirements that Heads of Units in University of Galway must carry out?

All Heads of Units must:-

These responsibilities are more fully set out in the  Part 2.

As a Head of Unit do I need to appoint a Safety Coordinator or have a Safety  Committee?

It is recommended that all Head of Units appoint a Safety Coordinator (info please see 4th from bottom of page) and if necessary also have a Safety Committee (info please see 3rd from bottom of page).

Does the Head of Unit need to inspect or audit safety management in their Unit?

Each Head of Unit needs to periodically assess it's Unit’s own safety standards (See Audits and Safety Reviews for more detail). This is required at least annually or more frequently where there are higher risks or any specific concerns have arisen.

As a Head of Unit (or Safety Co-Ordinator) where can I get further information?

Unit Safety List of Heads and Safety Co-Ordinators list the NUI Galway Units, their respective Heads and Safety Co-ordinators.
Unit Safety Briefings: material from previous and current Unit briefings (1-hour) targeted to Unit Heads (and Safety Co-ordinators).
Audits and Safety Reviews: Head must ensure that safety is audited at least annually

Please contact your Head of Unit/Safety Co-Ordinator for local safety information and the Health and Safety Office for general information

As a Head of Unit how do I best communicate on health and safety in my Unit?

A key resource in each Unit is that they have a central SharePoint site (recommended format and better IT version) for their staff.  This Unit Safety SharePoint Folder (draft) sets out the recommended layout covering both general and STEM/specialist topics.