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Obesity & Poor Nutrition

The Statistics in Ireland now show that almost a quarter of us are obese and a further 37pc of Irish adults are overweight. Among the over-50s the figures are even more alarming. According to the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing led by Trinity College, Dublin, four out of five over-50s in Ireland are overweight or obese.

Obesity is viewed simply as an excess of body fat, which has accumulated to the extent that health is adversely affected (WHO, 1998). While the key causes of obesity are linked to food habits and physical activity, its manifestations are more complex and obesity has many other determinants. These include, among others, physiological adjustment to energy imbalance, behavioural factors, socio-economic factors, age, gender and educational status.

The negative effects of obesity resulting from poor nutrition can be chronic and those whom are overweight or obese have a much higher risk of developing life threatening diseases.  In tackling Obesity NUI Galway recognises the importance of providing help and support to all members of staff within the university as part of the staff safe, healthy and wellbeing programme.

If you feel you fall within this category and would like help the Employee Assistance Service Employee Assistance Service can provide guidance and support.

Nutritional Advice and Tips

As with physical exercise, nutrition plays as equal a role in maintaining good physical health and wellbeing. As part of University of Galway's strategy for promoting employee health, safety and wellbeing, the following section is  designed to provide the following information and resources on how to maintain a nutritional y balanced diet and to be aware of the risks of poor nutrition.

  • Information on obesity and where to get help
  • Advice on achieving a healthy diet
  • Information on the dining options which promote a healthy diet available within the campus  

Healthy Eating Outlets at NUI Galway

There is a wide variety of restaurants on campus, ranging from contemporary cafés and fair-trade coffee/tea houses to an extensive food hall and café bar that members of the university can purchase nutritionally balanced snacks and meals:

These restaurants are operated by four different caterers, promoting variety, competition and something to suit all tastes. The focus is on providing a choice of healthy dishes at affordable prices and many of the outlets have implemented a policy for putting calorie counts on the menu, thus making it even easier for staff to choose wisely.

An Bialinn Subway
The Staffroom Cafe Friars Cafe & Restaurant
Zinc Cafe DERI cafe
Moffetts Coffee on Line
CSI Cafe Smokey's Cafe
Áras na Gaeilge The Wall Cafe

Click here to view the map of where these outlets are located.

Nutrition slides from National Wellbeing event