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THE World Rankings Overview

University of Galway partakes annually in the Times Higher Education (THE) World Ranking along with over 1,500 other universities.  The Times Higher Education (THE) investigates five key areas known as the performance indicators, using rigorous standards and global benchmarks across all University's key missions.

Five key areas; 

 - Teaching (the learning environment) (29.5%); 

 - Research (volume, income and reputation) (29%); 

 - Citations (Citation Impact, Excellence, Influence and Strength) (30%);  

 - International outlook (staff, students and research) (7.5%); and 

 - Industry (Patents and Industry Income) (4%).

University of Galway was ranked in the 301-350 band in the results published September 2023, in THE World University Rankings for the year 2023.

THE Methodology

The Times Higher Education (THE) methodology is explained in detail on the THE website.

Below is a detailed breakdown of each metric in the THE Ranking 2024:


THE Metrics 2024


In the 2024 THE WUR Edition, there was a slight revision to the metrics, with some new metrics introduced and a re-weighting of others. 

The biggest change was to the Research Quality Pillar (previously Citations metric). They used to have one metric in this pillar, - Field Weighted Citation Impact accounting for 30% of the ranking.

They have retained this metric but reduced it to 15% of the ranking and introduced 3 new metrics worth 5% each

  • Research strength (5%) – a guide to how strong typical research is, based on the 75th percentile of field-weighted citation impact
  • Research excellence (5%) – a guide to the amount of world-leading research at an institution, based on the volume of research in the top 10% worldwide
  • Research influence (5%) – a broader look at excellence, based on the volume of research recognised by the most influential research in the world.

Additionally they introduced a new metric for Patents (2%) (measuring how often a university's research is cited in Patents) while also normalising the International metrics taking into account the population size of each country

THE Results

See University of Galway's results in the Times Higher Education Ranking.

THE Ranking 2018-2023
 Year  University of Galway Rank
2023 301-350
2022 301-350
2021 351-400
2020 301-350
2019 251-300
2018 301-350

THE Press Releases

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10th April 2024 

QS World University Subject Rank 2024: University of Galway  achieved a global rank in 24 subjects, up from 23 in 2023, with a Top 100 Global Rank in 3 subjects. 


5th December 2023

University of Galway is ranked 120 in the second year of the QS Sustainability Ranking, up from 161-170 in 2022. 


27th September 2023

University of Galway retains it's global rank of 301-350 in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2024. 


20th September 2023

University of Galway is ranked 98th in Europe out of 690 institutions across 42 European locations in the inaugural QS World University Rankings: Europe 


27th June 2023

University of Galway is ranked 289th out of ~ 1500 institutions worldwide in the QS World university Rankings. 


1st June 2023

University of Galway continued to climb in the  5th edition of the Times Higher Education (THE) World IMPACT Rankings 2023, andhas a global rank of 34 (no. 1 in Ireland, up from 47 in 2022) out of a total  of 1,591 institutions from 112 countries across the World.

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22nd March 2023

QS World University Subject Rank 2023: University of Galway achieved a global rank in 23 Subjects, up from 22 last year - with Performing Arts at University of Galway achieiving a global rank of 101-120 for the first time. The subject of English at University of Galway also broke into the top 100 in the world, achieving a global subject rank of 91. 


12th October 2022

University of Galway has climbed in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2023,  into the 301-350 category, up from the 351-400 category last year.