Human Resources Information

Please see information for Staff provided by HR here

Staff Identification Number (payroll number)

A Staff ID (payroll) number is your unique identifying number for access to University services.

You will be allocated a staff ID when your contract is confirmed and you have submitted all personal details (i.e. PPS number, bank details etc.) for set up on HR / Payroll system. Therefore, it is essential that you submit all details as soon as possible, otherwise your access to services may be delayed.

Activating your Campus account for IT access

Information about “Your Campus Account” is available on the Information Solutions Services (ISS) web page here.

In particular:

Please contact ISS with any queries or issues relating to IT access.

Payroll and Expenses Information

Please review Payroll and Expenses information below that will assist you in your new employment.

PAYE & USC Details (TAX)

Information about avoiding emergency tax and how to ensure you are taxed correctly is available here and addresses the following two points:

  1. How Revenue are notified about your new employment with the University of Galway.
  2. What you need to do after PAYE and USC details are updated on your payroll record.

If your contract ends on Core, this will be reported to Revenue and if your contract is later renewed your tax details may change. Please review your tax details on Core Portal around the 17th of the month to ensure they are still correct.

ASC10 Form

ASC is only applicable for pensionable employment. Employees paid on timesheet is not pensionable employment.

In order for payroll to determine what rate of ASC (Additional Superannuation Contribution) is applicable to your earnings at University of Galway you must complete a "ASC10 Employment Declaration Form" upon commencement of employment at University of Galway. For existing employees who hold a post in another public service body you should complete a ASC10 form each time there is any change in your public sector employment(s). Please click here for further information about ASC.

ASC45 Certificate

ASC is only applicable for pensionable employment. Employees paid on timesheets are not pensionable employment.

If you were previously in pensionable public service employment in Ireland during the year you commenced employment at the University of Galway, you must provide to HR or Payroll your ASC45 certificate of cessation. Your previous public sector employer must provide this document to you when you have left their employment . Further information about ASC documents is available here.

Payroll and Expenses Payment Dates

Payroll and Expenses payment dates are available here


Details on how to access payslips online is available here

Payslip Explained

The items on your payslip are explained here

Hourly Timesheet Process

Employees who will be paid via timesheets can find information about this process by clicking here

Payroll FAQs

Many payroll queries are answered here

Travel and Subsistence Expenses for Staff

Travel and subsistence expenses information for staff is available here

Other Useful Links to the University of Galway Financial Services