The Research Accounts Office is responsible for processing scholarship payments. As a result, the Payroll Office is not equipped to address any related queries.

You can find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist you. These FAQs, along with scholarship forms and important scholarship information, can be accessed on the Research Accounting Website

Please note that if you have a payroll number from previous employment with the University of Galway, this differs from your 6-digit Scholarship number. 

How to find my six-digit Scholarship ID Number?

Option 1:

Your Scholarship payment from University of Galway will show your 6-digit Scholarship number as a reference on your bank statement.

Option 2:
Your academic Supervisor will also be able to view your 6-digit Scholarship number in the column headed “Staff/Student” on Agresso reports.

*Note: Scholarship six-digit ID number is only available on Agresso to view after the first Scholarship payment is paid to the individual.

  • A good example of a Research Funder Expenditure report (i.e., a Cost Centre beginning with “R”) for Scholarships is Scholarship Transaction report.
  • A good example of a Recurrent Budget report (i.e., a Cost Centre beginning with “D”) for Scholarships is D Cost Centre Scholarship Expenditure.


Are remittance advices provided for Scholarship payments?

It is not necessary to provide remittance advices as all the details you need are on your scholarship form. You should retain a copy of your completed form.


Who do I contact when I need proof of income?

Please contact your supervisor for a copy of your scholarship form that shows the amount you are being paid for the duration of your scholarship.


What are the payment dates for Scholarships?

Please see the payment dates on Payroll Website.


Who do I contact to amend my bank details or personal information?

Please email to amend your bank details or personal information.