Travel & Subsistence Expenses - Agresso Training Platform

Travel & Subsistence Expenses - Agresso Training Platform

We've created an internal platform to streamline and simplify the management of travel and subsistence expenses for the University of Galway. This centralized platform serves as a one-stop solution for efficient expense claim processing and provides essential resources to all University employees and scholarship students involved in the reimbursement process. 

Please note that the Knowledge Hub is exclusively available for current active employees and students with their University of Galway email.


Expenses Claims Training available on Core Portal (Learning And Development)

18th April from 14:00 to 15:30

25th April from 10:00 to 11:30


What it Contains:

User Roles and Responsibilities                 

Policies Summary

Subsistence and KM Rates

Learning Resources (Training Materials: Guides & Videos)     

Payment Dates                                                    

Help & Support (FAQ)

Travel Insurance Claim                                      

Travel Management Services

The Travel & Subsistence Expenses SharePoint site aims to enhance overall efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and promote compliance with University of Galway Travel & Subsistence Expenses policies and processes. By offering a comprehensive suite of resources, it empowers employees to manage their expense claims effectively and let's hope facilitates a seamless reimbursement process for all parties involved.​​​​​​​