Dr. Daniel O’Toole is a Senior Research Fellow, a Senior Lecturer in Lung Regenerative Medicine and a Principal Investigator in the CÚRAM and REMEDI institutes at NUI Galway. After receiving his BSc in Biochemistry from NUI Galway, he went on to complete his PhD at Trinity College Dublin on the topic of lipid metabolism and inflammation in multiple sclerosis patients. He then performed postdoctoral work in inflammatory signalling at University College Dublin before returning to NUI Galway. Major interests are inflammation of all types, infection, sepsis and a range of acute and chronic lung injuries, while his therapeutic investigations include novel gas mixes in patient ventilation, cell and gene therapies, proteins and small molecules.

As a prominent lung biologist, his recent work has also included initiatives in the field of COVID patient diagnostics and therapeutics. He has received funding from a wide range of National and International agencies as well as co-funded projects with industry partners, with a particular focus on translational medicine, patient sample biobanking and analysis and drug delivery modalities. He currently co-directs the Lung Biology Cluster at NUI Galway supervising a mixed team of students, scientists and clinical research staff. 

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