Uri Frank is a Professor in Biochemistry at NUI Galway, Principal Investigator at the Centre for Chromosome Biology, and Regenerative Medicine Institute. Uri did his PhD at University of Amsterdam. Following postdoctoral training at National Institute of Oceanography (Israel) and the universities of Jena and Heidelberg, he took up a faculty position at NUI Galway.

Uri’s research interest is in the areas of developmental biology, stem cells, and regeneration. His laboratory is engaged in addressing fundamental questions in these areas using a cnidarian animal model (a relative of hydras, jellies and corals), applying experimental approaches that are difficult or impossible to conduct using common lab animals. Among the projects currently being investigated are neurogenesis, basic stem cell biology, cell type-specific genome stability, chromatin structure, whole body regeneration, and cellular plasticity.  

Uri is a Wellcome Trust Investigator in Science. His lab is also funded by Science Foundation Ireland, Health Research Board, Human Frontiers Science Program, Irish Research Council, and the US National Science Foundation. 

Please see here for research publications.